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⏰⚡ Wishing for the 25th Hour - Mastering Time Management

We've all been there, wishing for just one more hour in the day to conquer our to-do lists and pursue our passions. But instead of longing for that elusive 25th hour, let's focus on mastering the art of time management!

Here are some high-level suggestions to get you started!

📝 Prioritize like a pro: Identify the most crucial tasks, and tackle them first. Setting priorities ensures our time is invested where it matters most.

🗓️ Plan with purpose: Embrace schedules and calendars to map your day. Be intentional with time blocks for work, breaks, and personal growth, leaving no room for wasted minutes.

🚫📱Eliminate distractions: In a world filled with constant notifications, practice self-discipline by setting aside designated focus periods. You'll be amazed at how much you accomplish!

📚 Continuous learning: Invest time in honing your skills, as pursuing knowledge and growth ultimately saves time in the long run.

Want to dive a bit deeper? Sure!

Entrepreneurs often face unique time management challenges due to their busy schedules and the need to juggle multiple responsibilities. Yours truly is no exception.

Here are my top 15 time management techniques that can help you stay productive and focused:

  1. Time Blocking: Allocating specific time blocks for different tasks, meetings, and activities to maintain focus and avoid distractions.

    1. Use the full capabilities of your calendar to block time, use focus breaks, set your office hours, and color-code where and when needed.

  2. Prioritization: Identifying high-impact tasks and prioritizing them based on their importance and urgency.

    1. Is what you're working on urgent, important but not urgent, or simply a "nice to get off my list". Use this as your guide!

  3. Batching Tasks: Group and address similar tasks in batches to minimize context switching and improve efficiency.

    1. Save your brain space! Especially if you're juggling multiple priorities with entirely different lanes. Batch them together and let it rip!

  4. Delegation: Entrusting specific tasks to team members or outsourcing to free up time for strategic decision-making and growth-focused activities.

    1. This is a big one because I know first-hand how hard it is to let something go out of your hands, but ask yourself..."Am I the best and most realistic person to get this done?" If you pause for a second, you're likely not.

  5. Using Productivity Tools: Leveraging various productivity tools and apps for task management, project collaboration, and communication.

    1. Work smarter, not harder! Tools are your friend, or they should be! Feel free to try something new if it can help you save TIME. If you need training in one area or another, see # 15 below!

  6. Setting Goals and Milestones: Defining clear goals and breaking them down into achievable milestones, allowing yourself to track progress effectively.

    1. Everything should have a goal, a deadline, and in digestable nuggets. If you can't quickly see what you have in front of you, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. Do yourself a favor and give yourself goals!

  7. Evaluating Time Investments: Regularly analyzing how time is spent to identify areas of improvement and potential time-wasting activities.

    1. Learn from your previous week, month, and even your last quarter. What worked, and what didn't? What can you do differently to meet your goals (#6 above!)?

  8. Limiting Meetings: Keeping meetings focused and concise and only inviting necessary participants to save time and maximize productivity.

    1. I can't emphasize this enough. TIME IS PRECIOUS and we all so little of it - use tools like Loom to help you to convey information, how-tos, explanations, etc. to your team(s) to avoid pulling in others for a meeting. If it can be async, do others the favor and protect that time!

  9. Adopting the 80/20 Principle: Prioritizing efforts on tasks that yield the most significant results and impact on the business.

    1. If it's revenue-generating, it's typically always a higher priority – But that doesn't mean it always overrules the time blocking for those areas that aren't.

  10. Time Audit: Conducting periodic time audits to identify patterns, optimize routines, and eliminate time-wasting habits.

    1. Different than #7 above, review where you spent your time. Does it line up with what you initially planned? With what you communicated to your client(s)? If not, it's audit and recalibrate time!

  11. Saying "No": Being selective about commitments and opportunities ensures time is dedicated to the most essential tasks.

    1. This is a hard one for me as I hate saying, "No", but sometimes you have to. You can't do everything, please everyone, and do all the things all the time. You'll break. I promise.

  12. Mindfulness and Stress Reduction: Practicing mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve focus on essential tasks.

    1. This is certainly easier said that done, trust me. I'm still working on this and it's a constant battle for me. But, it IS 100% something I'm focused on improving and YOU should, too!

  13. Setting Boundaries: Establishing clear boundaries between work and personal life to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

    1. This goes without saying, but it needed to be said. Always.

  14. Automating and Outsourcing: Utilizing automation and outsourcing for repetitive tasks, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on core responsibilities.

    1. Tooling is your friend. AI is your friend (sometimes). Utilizing others can help you make "friends". See the trend here?

  15. Continuous Learning: Prioritizing ongoing learning and self-improvement to stay updated and adapt to changing business demands efficiently.

    1. You should never feel stuck in your ways or too settled to learn something new. Technology advances faster than we can keep up with, so embrace it! Get out of your comfort zone to learn something new if it can help you and your business!

Did I miss anything? I'm 100% confident I did – Let me know what I may have missed in the comments, or share what tips above resonate with you! I'd love to hear from others.

Remember, time is our most valuable resource, and how we manage it shapes our success and fulfillment. Let's make every minute count! ⭐

See you next time!



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April Eldridge, Owner/Founder of April Eldridge Consulting LLC, is a Fractional COO & Chief of Staff with 20+ years of experience in operational management and executive leadership. Working in corporate America for most of her career, April ventured into the entrepreneurship world and focused her efforts on providing the absolute best support possible to her clients. Agility, resilience, determination, and dependability are all attributes that April is well known for, and she highly values her relationships with those she supports.

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