Define Your Goals

As Your Chief of Staff, I'll Help You Reach Them
Thought Partner
As your trusted thought partner, I can get you out of the weeds and into the bigger picture.
Gatekeeper / Time Protector
You can't be everywhere all at once all the time. Let me protect your most valuable commodity... time.
Business Strategy & Planning
Perhaps you’re swimming in the details and don’t know where to start. Juggling “all the things" alone isn't scalable and will burn you out quick!
Scheduling / Calendar Management
Your calendar is likely bananas. Calendar Tetris is my specialty, and you'll always know where you're supposed to be when, and above all, prepared.
Travel Management
Is travel planning not your thing? You're in luck - planning complex travel, both domestic and international, is second nature to me. I can assure you that you'll be exactly where you're meant to be exactly when you're meant to be there.
Board Liasion / Cross Communications
Handling board presentations, agendas, retreats, and everything in-between is taxing. Let me take this off your plate.

Watch Your Growth Unfold

Let me dig into the details so you can focus more on your scaling your business. Knowing when to ask for support is the first step - Way to go!

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Reach out today for a FREE consultation and let's discuss how I can boost your productivity. You're not in this alone!

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Your business isn't one size fits all - I'm not either.