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Hi! I'm April, and it's great to meet you!

Let Me Introduce Myself...

I have two beautiful kiddos who define the very existence of who I am. I’m proudly married to my high school sweetheart of twenty years. We live on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC, with our persnickety kitty, Luna, and our most recent addition, Bucky, a Mini Bernadoodle. FYI: puppies are hard work!

An extrovert most of the time, but introverted enough to be completely content having dinner at home (Taco Tuesdays!) followed by a family movie night. This is my happy place.

I love chocolate and Mediterranean food and could easily sustain life on smoothies (Seriously, the local smoothie shop knows my order and my voice).

Wife & Mother
I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we have two beautiful children. Everything I do is for them. Always.
Keynote Speaker
Once scared to speak in front of a crowd, now I look forward to it!
Natural Servant's Heart - Due unto others. I live by the golden rule. It’s a staple in our household.

My Amazing Clients

The relationship I have with my clients, both present and former, is extremely special to me.


My Journey

  • Shopping Mall
    Where it Began
    My career started in Retail. I managed a retail clothing store, and it provided me with an incredible foundation. Customer service is at the heart of everything I do.
  • Legal Ops
    Hello, Corporate!
    Realizing I was ready for something new, I set out to discover my passion. I quickly found what would be my "work home" for 10+ years. I am who I am today due to my time in Legal Operations.
  • Executive Assistant
    Focused Executive Support
    After doing "all the things" for 10+ years, I wanted to shift my focus to senior-level executive support. And, this journey took my skills to an international level.
  • Start Ups
    Welcome to Start-Ups
    My entry into the world of being a generalist began. I wore many hats and scaled operations across several industries, including e-commerce, agtech management, and non-profits. While these roles were all diverse in responsibility, they focused on improving administrative processes and enhancing efficiency across distributed teams.
  • Operations in Tech
    Operations in Tech
    Blending my experience in executive support and corporate operations, I was able to hone in on my craft of providing top-level executive support and operational management, both in pre-IPO and publicly traded technology environments.
  • Women working
    Force Multiplier & BizOps Meet
    Supporting executives and providing operational management services converge, and the life of a generalist continues to evolve. Hello, Project Management (officially)! Building a PMO and scaling operations while supporting the needs of a fast-paced fintech company is the highlight of my career (thus far).
  • april-22
    April Eldridge Consulting is Born!
    After an unfortunate layoff, it hit me - With remote work becoming more accepting, why not offer my specific expertise to the masses ON MY OWN? Realizing that SMBs and entrepreneurs alike need support, but can't necessarily afford to hire a full-time team, they could contract with someone with my level of experience on a fractional basis. I would integrate with their teams, manage their business needs, and provide executive-level support as they scale. Voila! April Eldridge Consulting was born!

So, Who Is April?

I'm a business professional with nearly 20 years of experience in administrative leadership, operations management, business strategy, program and project management, and all aspects of executive support at the senior level.

I have a strong passion for improving processes and solving complex problems, the more chaotic, the better. With a servant's heart approach and a strong work ethic, every facet of my work is executed at the highest degree of quality.

Why Should You Work With Me?

The most genuine answer to this question is resiliency and determination. That is what you’ll get when you work with me. I’m a hyper-organized, results-driven “Jill of all trades” generalist that knows how to get the job done, on time and in scope, and with the focus and attention you deserve. And, above all else, at the level of excellence that is expected. 

I love what I do, and it shows in my work - Always.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss



Let's Talk About Your Business

I can help you get out of working IN your business...

So you can start working ON your business. 



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What I Stand For

Providing small to medium businesses, senior executives, and entrepreneurs with personalized, dedicated, and scalable solutions to support their growth.

Ensuring that all clients receive exceptional, results-driven support while serving as a strategic, dedicated thought partner and operational force multiplier.

Honesty: Because there is no other way. Ever.

Transparency: I will always be open and clear with my intentions.

Integrity: I do what I say and say what I mean. Always.

Respect: I honor our relationship with the utmost appreciation.

Authenticity: I offer my geiunessness 100% of the time.