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Fractional COO Services

Maximize Impact, Minimize Costs:
Premium Service, Integrity, and Quality at a Fraction of the Cost

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What is a Fractional COO?

Specializing in Start-Ups & Small Businesses

A Fractional COO can offer startups strategic and operational leadership and expertise on a part-time or interim basis.


They help define and execute operational strategies, optimize workflows, and improve efficiency. A Fractional COO can provide guidance on business processes, resource allocation, and performance management.


They can act as a liaison between departments, mentor the executive team, and offer independent assessments.


Lastly, a Fractional COO can bring experienced C-suite leadership to startups at a cost-effective level.

My Areas of Expertise

Provides strategic leadership and guidance to organizations as a part-time or interim Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Provides expertise in areas such as operational planning, budgeting, resource allocation, and performance management.

Evaluates and optimizes organizational workflows, systems, and operations to improve efficiency and productivity.

Serves as a mentor and advisor to the executive team and other employees to navigate periods of change, growth, or transition.

Oversees and manages day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth functioning of various departments.

Provides a fresh perspective and independent assessment of operational processes and strategies.

Understanding that each business is unique and operational needs aren't one size fits all, my services can be custom tailored to fit your business. 

My Approach


I'll bring a positive and engaging approach to managing your business's day-to-day operations. This will involve collaborating across functions and actively engaging with your key stakeholders. Together, we will ensure smooth and efficient operations to drive your business forward.


Your business holds immense significance to you, and rightfully so! My role is to safeguard the foundations you have established, ensuring they stay true to your original vision. Whether it involves monitoring your operational key performance indicators (KPIs), overarching business goals, or both, I will diligently oversee these aspects to maintain their integrity.


If you find yourself unsure about the quality of your business plans or the adequacy of your processes in achieving your business goals, I am here to provide the assistance you need. I can help you evaluate and improve your plans and processes, ensuring that they align with your objectives and set you up for success.


I'm here to be your right arm and trusted ally, supporting you every step of the way. However, it's essential to acknowledge that YOU are the driving force behind your business, and nothing can happen without your knowledge and input. Together, we will work collaboratively to achieve your goals and ensure your success.

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