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In business (and life!), the best compliment someone can receive is a referral and/or recommendation.

I’m genuinely thankful for the following recommendations and referrals from my clients and former colleagues.

Light and Shadow

"As the CEO of a mid-6 figure agency with a team of 6 and global expansion on the horizon, I knew I would need someone who had the intuition, insight, experience, and acumen that would allow me to take my business to the next level - April is that person. Her ability to come in and solve a problem, be resourceful, tech-savvy, and be an incredible human has allowed me to leave my business and operations in the most capable hands. April is an asset that I can not, I repeat, can not live without in my business. She has quickly become my right hand, confidant, and support, and is invaluable."

Alysha M. Campbell

Owner & Principal - CultureShift HR

“April is a go-getter who will find a way to get things done, no matter the hurdles. She is extremely organized and excels in learning/curiosity mode to better understand whatever she is working on. I am thankful to have worked with April and think she'd bring value to any team.”

Brianne V.

“April was a vital contributor to many major projects I was a part of. Thanks to her contributions to organizing actions, following up with teammates, monitoring progress, and tracking goals, we completed the rebranding of our corporate brand and launched multiple marketing programs. She ensured that cross-functional teams were effective and constantly on the same page. Plus, she was a true pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail, focus on her colleagues, and positive attitude was exceptional.”

Peter M.

“April worked as the operations manager to help our team run our day-to-day business. During that time, she was always willing to help and work in any way to help further our success. April has a "can do" attitude and is a pleasure to work with as an individual. I recommend April for any team that needs someone to dig into the details, and that can work with positivity in any situation.”

Jeremy H.

Testimonials describe what has been and are a promise of what is to come. ...

“April is industrious, hard-driving, and creates order from chaos. As an operations and support exec for ATA, she bridged us through a critical adjustment period and helped set us up with critical processes and systems for further platform growth. Huge kudos to her.”

John D.

“April is a highly efficient, proactive, and professional individual who always gets things done correctly and on time. She is someone that can integrate seamlessly into the management team and make valuable contributions right away. She is extremely dependable, and I always knew that things would run smoothly once she was on the job. Furthermore, she is an absolute pleasure to work with as her energy and enthusiasm positively impact everyone around her.”

Tony L.

“We had a strong existing group, and April stuck out even from that. The key things I liked about April were her attention to detail, willingness to question and ask "why?", and solid work ethic. It was well known if you need something done and done well, April is a solid choice. I would not hesitate to work with her again and look forward to it sometime in the future.”

Matt M.

“I had worked with April Eldridge for many years when she was responsible for managing our facilities and events. Very few can compete with her ability to manage a project or create an exciting event. She can think through every detail and manages her work and staff well. The best part of working with April is that she is always positive and fun to be with as well.”

Theresa L.

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